I See Dead People

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This is the post I've been dreading. The first one admitting that I have in fact see ghosts, more than a few, and more than just looked at. I feel a little more confident now with TV shows like Ghost Hunter, and my favorite Paranormal State. Yes I realize reality TV is not always what it seems. Still I'm happy to people who claim they can relate to my experiences. I use to be scared that people would assume that I'm crazy, but I have learned that you have to trust yourself and not worry what others will think of you. I can't say without a doubt that ghost exist, but I have so many different experiences that it is hard for me to dismiss the possibility.

For instance when I was a kid I can remember hearing the phone or the doorbell ring two or three times before anyone else could hear. I can remember going to bed with a nightlight on and seeing my rocking horse start rocking when no one esle was in the room; I felt more concerned than scared, so I quietly watched the horse to make sure it did not do anything else that. As a kid those experiences just meant that I'm a little different, but I was okay with that.

However I can't remember is my first ghostly experience. My mom is the one that told me the story I'm about to tell; for some unknown reason it always brings a smile to my face when I hear it. Late one night when I was three years old I asked my mom to take me to the potty so she walked with me to the bathroom, flipped on the light switch and sat me on the toilet. Mom stood in front of me with her back to the door and talked me waiting for me to finish when suddenly I started screaming and crying. Mom asked ,"What's was wrong honey? Why are you crying?" and I responded by pointing desperately into the air and yelling," The man! Mommy the man!".

My mom, perplexed by my response, asked "What man". My wide eyes glazed with fear tried to say what my mouth was scared to. Finally I mustered the courage to whisper, "The man standing behind you." Goose bumps raised as a chill swept her spine. Mom looked behind her but did not see anybody or anything. I insisted that there was a man and continued kicking my legs and screaming with tears streaming down my face. My mom tried to console me but nothing she did or said helped. She said this went on for about almost two minutes when suddenly............................ Silence! I stopped crying and I and started smiling again. My mom who's heart was now pounding loudly against her chest asked me why I stopped crying. I said "It's okay...He gone and we're alone now".

And that was the truth; dad worked the graveyard shift leaving just mom and me alone in our creaky old house. Mom fought hard to calm herself without any success. Instead she sat on the couch all night holding a butcher knife jumping at every unexplained noise. I , however, went right to sleep seemingly unaffected by that night's event.

What are your thoughts on ghosts? Have you ever experienced something abnormal that you could not explain?


LazyKing said...

I've seen ghosts twice when I was 5 and when I was 12. And I remember all the experiences. Both experiences were during the night when I was going to pee. At 5, I saw something like a monster with only 1 eye. After that nioght I was sick for a week.
At 12, I was "something" white in our stairs.
Everytime I sreamed so loudly I woke up everyone.
But I'm not afraid of them anymore.

LLnL said...

Thank you for sharing. It feels good to know other people have had these kind experiences too. Especially friends that I respect. I hope more people share, even if they don't believe me. I just love to know what people think about the supernatural.

Don't Be a Slut said...

I've never seen a ghost, but when I was around 11 or 12, I lived in a house that I know was haunted. The house literally gave me the creeps.

jimspaulding said...

Ever seen the television show "Medium". If you see ghosts you might enjoy it. The main character of the show is a woman who dreams and sometimes sees ghosts. They show her things that help her solve murder cases and whatnot(she advises the local DA) The show is sweet and entertaining and addresses the issue of those that see beyond the vail, so to speak, and how they deal with it(and use it) in their daily lives.

love said...

Ah I thought I posted something on this blog. weird! but as crazy as it sounds. I love hearing paranormal experiences, but I am scared to death after hearing them lol. I personally haven't experienced anything like this and quite frankly, I don't think I'd stay sane after having an experience so I hope that never happens for me. Ok this is going to be long, but here goes my closest paranormal experience ever, through my father:

My mother was pregnant with me and this was when my parents were still living in the Philippines. My parents went to visit their town they grew up in ( at the time they were living on the navy base there). My dad was really drunk one night and he went up into the mountains and peed on a tree. He said he sensed something there but was too drunk to care at the time. He wakes up in the morning and he is blind. Frantic as crap they went to the hospital, they do tests on him and give him and all that stuff, but the doctors could not give him an explanation for this. He was blind for about 3 weeks and kept going back and forth to the hospital but nothing still. Finally my grandma suggested for him to go see a witch doctor and so he did. The witch doctor did some "test" where she put a cup of rice in a bowl of water and if it all floated up top it was definitely something a medical doctor couldn't fix. Apparently my dad had peed on a demon/spirit/something. So he was instructed to take a coconut shell bowl and fill it with oil and rice and go to the same tree he peed on and offer it and say sorry (alone and to never look back once he has done so). I know, this sounds really weird, my dad tells it to my friends sometime and they're like what the heck?! lol But anywho regardless of what anyone says or thinks, he woke up the next day with his sight perfectly in tact. No medical doctors could ever tell him how his sight left him like that, but the village witch doctor did. sooo weird and spooky eh?!

love said...

i forgot to add in there that i know he was blind when he had to go do what he was instructed to do. so how could he find that same tree? well the tree he peed on was at the bottom of the mountain and it was a small mango tree he had planted a while back so thats how he knew.

LLnL said...

@LazyKing- Thank God I've never seen monsters. Spooky people and weird feeling are bad enough.

@Don't Be a Slut- I'd rather see a shadowy figure than have that creepy feeling. It's hard to run from something you can't see.

@jimspaulding- No I haven't watched Medium, but I love the actress. Thank you for the recommendation, I'll check it out.

@love- Whoooaaaah! That's weird, I have never heard anything like that before. I'm glad it all worked out. I love creepy stories.

Monkey Wrench said...

I can't rule out the existence of anything paranormal. I have read many occult grimoires more for curiosity purposes than for actual practice as well. Still, we can never really know can we?

I think the greatest cause for what we deem paranormal activity is the vastness and complexity of the human mind. I uphold the assertion that the human mind can do a lot more than we give it credit for, maybe even some things that seem....strange.